Projects realized at our Program in 2018

Historical Roots and Consequences of Tourism Development in
Cumalıkızık: Balanced or Ill-Fated?

Summary: This Project was realised in spring 2018. The leaders of the UNESCO project for Cumalıkızık (Bursa, Turkey) summoned graduate students who visited Cumalıkızık and met with the community. Three students then collected data as part of their individual research projects investigating the tourism development process of Cumalıkızık as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Data were analysed and merged into a conference paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Tourism, realised in Kavala, Greece in June 2018.

Grooming Iznik for Inscription: Reflections on Spatial Planning and Place Branding

Summary: In spring 2018, the Iznik Field Management Unit enabled students' project on developing a sustainable tourism strategic plan for Iznik (Bursa, Turkey). As part of this project, two research visits were realised, and data were collected using mixed methods. 
Data, among others, provided input in terms of place assets and
(potential) tourism products, along with stakeholders' views on Iznik's inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Working further on this Project, a student is currently leading an upcoming journal publication on this topic.