Objective of the Program

The objective of the Program is to reconsider the current tourism activities in our country from the perspective of sustainability in line with the global trends. With this perspective, the Program aims to contribute to the human resources that are required for developing sustainable tourism in Turkey and beyond.  

Sustainability Approach

The program focuses on the topic of sustainable tourism, in which economic, environmental, social factors are taken into account in a balanced and coherent manner.  Sustainable Tourism Management Program was developed as an interdisciplinary graduate program which produces knowledge by conducting research and development studies at the international level with an innovative, creative and liberal approach and adheres to the principles of equality, social responsibility and respect for diversity.

Target Group

Target group of the Programis as follows: 

Individuals whowant to pursue an academic career in the field of sustainable tourism

Civil servants and staff of non-governmental organizations who work or plan to work in fields of tourism policy and planning in public sector or non-governmental organizations.

Individuals who work or plan to work in organizations that aim to become sustainable tourism organizations/businesses